Quality new & used scientific equipment, in-stock & ready to ship!

Quality new & used scientific equipment, in-stock & ready to ship!
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Quality new & used scientific equipment, in-stock & ready to ship!

Quality new & used scientific equipment, in-stock & ready to ship!
Buy online or call 781-871-8868

Schneider-Kreuznach TV Variogon Lens 25-125mm f1.7


1 in stock

1 in stock

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 8 in
Location MB 54
Cosmetic Condition 4 - Excellent
Product Condition Used
Container Box
OEM Name Schneider-Kreuznach

This lens, a Schneider-Kreuznach TV Variogon with a focal length of 25 to 125mm seems to be very unusual. . Despite the relatively short focal length at the ‘wide’ end of the zoom range, the lens is simply massive. With the aluminum mounting tube the overall length is 385mm when set to infinity. The diameter of the lens is approximately 100mm across the helical drive gears. The mounting flange is 89mm in diameter (bore diameter is 44.5mm), and there are four threaded holes in a 54.25mm square pattern on the flange. This was meant to be secured to a mounting plate from the camera side of the plate. Weight is another issue with mounting this lens – it weighs in at over 8 ¼ pounds

There is a small geared wheel that adjusts the position of the rear-most element set independently of the rest of the lens – I assume to adjust the ‘infinity’ focal plane to the vidicon tube. The image circle appears to be approximately an inch in diameter and is positioned a few mm inside the tube. Either there was an additional relay lens placed within the camera system, or the vidicon protruded into the mounting aperture. The mounting sleeve is simply attached to the rear of the lens with four screws and is easily removed. It would be fairly trivial to machine an interface to a different camera adapter.

The aperture ring is graduated from f1.72 to f22. It works very smoothly. The zoom function ring is next, graduated every 5mm between 25 and 80mm, thereafter at 90, 100, and 125mm. The focus ring is graduated in both meters and feet, ranging from 1.9 meters or 6.6 feet to infinity. Meters are in white, and feet in green. (Aperture scale is in white, and the zoom scale in yellow-orange). Both the zoom and the focus rings have helical drive rings.

The lens is in perfect optical condition with the exception of a very tiny coating flaw (or so it appears) on the inner surface of the front element. It is only about a mm across – pretty trivial considering the front element is over 72mm in diameter. Otherwise, there are no scratches, delamination problems, or clouding in any of the elements. Cosmetically, the lens is in very fine condition – the most significant issue is a small spot of corrosion just to the left of the small focus compensation wheel in the first photo, and some very shallow dings in the sleeve between the zoom and aperture rings, probably from when the motor drive was attached.

Location MB 54-1

Photo set 549

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***OEM Schneider-Kreuznach
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