NRC / Newport F-1015LD Precision Single-Mode Fiber Coupler


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OEM Name Newport Research Corp (NRC)

NRC / Newport F-1015LD Precision Single-Mode Fiber Coupler

As per Newport Website:

The F-1015LD Precision Single-Mode Fiber Coupler uses a steering lens to achieve 0.1 micron resolution in a compact package. This coupler is very easy to use. An input iris assists in centering the laser beam. The beam passes through a steering lens, which is mounted in a precision X-Y translation assembly with 100 pitch adjustment screws. An objective lens focuses the beam on the fiber core. Translating the steering lens causes a second-order translation of the focused beam across the fiber end-face, providing 0.1 micron beam positioning resolution with negligible changes of incident angle at the fiber face. For use with laser diodes, the F-1015LD has a steering lens that is AR coated for high transmittance at 850, 1300, and 1550 nm. It comes equipped with an F-L10B Laser Diode Objective Lens and has an effective focal length of 12 mm. This coupler is constructed of anodized aluminum and is sold without fiber chucks. The FPH-J four-jaw fiber chuck with Teflon liner for fibers less than 250 microns in diameter, and the FPH-DJ Delrin-jawed chuck for fibers 250 microns to 1 mm in diameter are the bare fiber chucks of preference. The FPH-S and FPH-S-2.5 slotted fiber chucks can also be used.
***MPN F-1015LD
***OEM Newport Research Corp (NRC)
***SKU*** 3533

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