Leitz Plan Fluotar 20x D Objective (32 mm Thread)


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This is another of the large 32 mm thread objectives (the current Leitz, now Leica, metallurgical and semiconductor thread size) we are currently offering for sale. This particular example, Leitz catalog number 567 016, is a Plan Fluotar 20x. It is not considered a particularly long working distance lens (no ‘L’ designation), but the numerical aperture is somewhat reduced partly to accommodate the annular darkfield illumination optics.

The glass is in perfect condition, but the outside mirror bezel does have a small chip on one side. It does not affect the internal mirror.

Plan Fluotar optics are corrected for a super-wide field of view index of 28 mm. The Fluotar color correction is only bested by the top-of-the-line apochromats. This lens should yield exceptional images.

The lens is corrected for infinity tube length, and must be used on samples without a cover slip! . This lens is massive, with a 32 mm diameter mounting thread. It is suitable for work in both bright field and dark field with its built-in annular reflector system. The red engraving also means it is strainfree, and therefore excellent for work with polarized light application including differential interference contrast (DIC). It will only fit on the relatively recent Leitz microscopes which I believe includes the Ergoplan (not the Ergolux)! and the DMR series reflected light instruments. I do know they are suitable for the most recent DM 4000, 4500, and 6000 M microscopes.

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