Hewlett Packard 10558A Beam Bender


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in
Location MB 49
Tested Sold AS IS. As Described
Cosmetic Condition 4 - Excellent
Product Condition Used
Container Box
OEM Name Hewlett Packard ( HP ) / Agilent

This item is an HP 10558A Beam Bender in a fitted wood cabinet. It is one of the larger series of components in the Hewlett-Packard Laser Interferometer Dimensional Measurement Apparatus. It is the equivalent to the HP 10557A Turning Mirror except that the mirror is fully enclosed in a cube assembly. This allows for the designer to direct a beam through an aperture in the mounting surface or to divert the beam at right angles to the mounting surface. For folding the beam in the plane of the mounting surface, the �Turning Mirror� must be used..

The block is a 2� cube, with a square 1.4� bolt-hole pattern face-centered on both the exit faces. One set of holes is tapped, the other are through-bore.

This mirror comes in a nice fitted wood cabinet. The original urethane lining had completely deteriorated and has been replaced with much more stable expanded polyethylene. The cabinet does have a minor crack in the rear corner that could easily be taken care of with some wood glue (see fourth photo). There is also some light writing on the cover of the cabinet. The urethane did slightly pit the surface of the block, therefore we have deemed this component to be of �second quality�. The mirror surface is unblemished, and the mounting surfaces, while very lightly pitted here and there, have not been dimensionally compromised..

2nd Grade

***MPN HP 10558A
***OEM Hewlett Packard ( HP ) / Agilent
***SKU*** DP066

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