DET410 High-Speed Photo Detector


The Thorlabs High-Speed DET Photo Detectors are compact, versatile, high-speed optical detectors. Each model comes complete with a fast PIN photodiode and an internal bias battery packaged in a rugged aluminum housing. With a wide bandwidth DC-coupled output, these detectors are ideal for monitoring fast-pulsed lasers as well as DC sources. Each DET has a Bias-T circuit that combines a high frequency AC signal to a DC signal into a single output. The direct photodiode anode current is provided on a side panel BNC. This output is easily converted to a positive voltage using a terminating resistor. We recommend a 50Ω load resistance for the fastest response times. Each DET includes a 12V Bias battery installed.

The Thorlabs’ DET410 is a ready-to-use high-speed photo detector.



Det 410 High Speed In Ga As Photo Detector

70 MHz BW, 700 to 1800 nm

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in