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Scanning Monochromator 0.3 Meter McPherson 218


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SKU 25313
Weight 55.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in
Location 09013
Tested Sold AS IS. As Described
Cosmetic Condition 3 - Good
Product Condition Used
Container Box
OEM Name McPherson

This is a GCA / McPherson 218 0.3 Meter Scanning Monochromator.
Grating appears perfect: 600 Grooves/mm 3000A Blaze Sn 4003.
This 0.3 meter monochromator may be used with normal atmosphere or vacuum environments. It uses a criss-cross Czerny Turner collimation system with a 44 degree angle between the entrance and exit beams. This is the earlier version of the Model 218 with the synchro drive scanning system. The scan rate is set via a series of cascaded reduction gears. The number of cascades is set by the large knob to the left of the counter indicator. Scan direction is set via the right hand knob. The wavelength may also be scanned manually with the smaller coaxial knob within the scan rate selection knob.
Both the entrance and exit ports have fully adjustable knife edge slits that are 17mm tall. They may be continuously adjusted in width from fully closed to approximately 1.8mm. There are paired adjustable blinds for setting the slit height.
The 50mm square gratings are easily interchanged via a quick-set release plunger. Wavelength for gratings range from 105nm up to 16 micronsTypical wavelength accuracy is plus or minus 0.10 nm with a reproducibility of plus or minus 0.005 nm when using the 1200 groove/mm grating.
The interior of the monochromator is in spectacular (virtually new) condition there is no haze on the collimation mirrors. The drive mechanism also appears to be in perfect condition. All the reduction gears work properly..
These instruments are still sold by McPherson Instruments, however the current monochromators employ a special stepper motor and drive system that enables digital / computer control of the wavelength. This monochromator may be upgraded by McPherson, if desired, to use the digital scan controller 789A-3.
Both slits work properly. We have not certified the vacuum characteristics of the instrument, but all the flanges and fittings appear to be in perfect condition. There is no evidence of any contaminants in the optical chamber. Please see the photos. Unit came from a working environment.

Item sold AS IS. Rotates has not been tested further. .

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