Prodelin 0800-036 1.8M Offset Reflector NEW Antenna


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General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies’ products encompass the design, development, and manufacture of satellite communication antennas for domestic and international applications. General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies specializes in providing high quality, cost-effective antennas for both the two-way Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) marketplace and receive-only applications. Additional products include unique special purpose antennas for such customers as NASA and defense contractors..

Prodelin 0800-036 1.8M Offset Reflector
RX/TX White.
Antenna Dish
Antenna Specification Sheets

1.8 Meter Rx/Tx C and Ku-Band with fine adjustment, Series 1182
1.8 Meter Rx/Tx C and Ku-Band, Series 1183
1.8 Meter R/O C and Ku-Band Offset, Series 1183
1.8 Meter Rx/Tx C and Ku-Band Offset, Series 1184
1.8 Meter L-band, Series 1184
1.8 Meter Rx/Tx C and Ku-Band Low Cross-Pol, Series 1194
1.8 Meter X-Band, Series 1194
1.8 Meter Rx/Tx High Wind, Series 2194
1.8 Meter Ka-Band Rx/Tx, Series 3180
1.8 Meter Ka-Band Rx Only, Series 3180
VSAT Anti-Icing System.

Feed Specifications:

800 MHz Wideband C-band
1.09 VAR CP
1.3 VAR CP
50° Horn/OMT/TRF
39° Horn/OMT/TRF
Ku-Band TRF
C-Band LP
Ku-Band OMT
Ku-Band NEC Interface
Recommended Feed Suppor
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