Plan Apo 25 / 0.65 Research Microscope Objective


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This Leitz objective is intended for work in the biological sciences. It has the highest levels of correction for both flatness of field and for color fidelity. It is intended for use on the earlier Leitz instruments corrected for a tube length of 170mm (such as the Orthoplan research microscope), although it is equally useful on the later 160mm tube length instruments. It must be employed with a cover-slipped specimen, with the nominal cover-glass thickness being the industry standard 0.17mm. The Plan-Apochromats remain the most highly corrected microscope objectives.

Magnification – 25
Numerical Aperture – 0.65
Apochromatic correction
Free working distance � 0.63mm
Flat field for super-wide oculars (index 28mm)
Objective thread – standard RMS
Correction distance – 45mm
Cover glass correction � 0.17mm

The objective is in exceptional cosmetic condition and in perfect optical condition. No blemishes could be seen in the glass. It dates from the late 1970’s. The optic is spring-loaded for lens and specimen protection.

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