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Leitz Imperial 600mm Tilting Rotary Table


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Weight 1250 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 38 in
Location C4R2
Tested Sold AS IS. As Described
Cosmetic Condition 4 - Excellent
Product Condition Used
Container Self
OEM Name Leitz
OEM SKU 600mm

Leitz Imperial 600mm Tilting Rotary Table.

This massive rotary / tilting table is not marked, but it is certainly an Imperial table manufactured by Leitz Wetzlar, Germany. These tables were marketed for a time in the United States by Optometrix Company, located in New Jersey. The table may be rotated through 360 degrees, and tilted just either side the horizontal 0-degree position and the 90-degree vertical position.

Important dimensional information includes:
Table diameter � 600mm
External graduations � every degree, with indicator pointer (visible at 11 o�clock position in first photo)
Width of base along elevation axis � 1100mm, not including readout housing
Depth of base, front to back � 515mm
Height of elevation axis � 330mm
Height of table surface in horizontal orientation � 480mm
Weight of table – 780 pounds
T-slot size � six 13mm slots, equally spaced
Center taper � unknown
Serial number – 4437

The table elevation is accomplished via the large handwheel visible in the sixth photograph. There is a central star-shaped knob that may be tightened � when this is set, a smaller knob on the side of the worm housing can be used for very fine control of elevation.

The azimuth may be set by a handwheel which protrudes from the motor housing. There is no fine-adjustment, however, the worm is very fine so sensitivity is very great.

Both the elevation and the azimuth adjustments have clamping mechanisms. The clamp system for elevation is very substantial. A lever just behind the elevation control wheel controls the position of an external cam (visible in the third photo, lower right). The cam shifts the position of the longer lever which is coupled to another lever on the opposite side of the pivot axis. As these are turned, a friction plate is compressed against an internal flange on the elevation axis. The degree of clamping force may be adjusted via an adjustable stop next to the cam. The clamp lever for the azimuth rotation is much simpler � it is visible in the upper left of the fourth photo.

This table has one of the most elegant optical readout systems ever designed � they are exceptionally easy to read, and extremely accurate. Both axes have similar readout windows. There are optical scales attached to both axes that are projected onto a corresponding readout scale, further magnified by the large window optics. The seventh photograph shows the readout system. The window reticle scale encompasses a full degree, in this case, both the 179 and the 180 degree markings are projected onto the scale. The scale line marked 179 is situated between the 50 and 60 markings of the reticle (left side), and the line most nearly transects the gap in the number �5� column across the top (and bottom) of the reticle. This indicates a position of 179 degrees, 55 minutes. However, the line does not perfectly split the gap in the number five position. To get a perfectly divided gap, the knob on the top of the housing is turned. This in turn moves the reticle inside the housing through a distance precisely equal to one minute of arc. The position of the knob is divided on an internal drum into 60 parts, visible on top of the lighted reticle, thus allowing a direct readout to single seconds of arc. Both the azimuth and the elevation readouts work in the same manner.

The control box mounted to the right of the base (sixth photo) houses five switches. The near bank consists of three switches for the azimuth motor � a stop switch, and one switch each for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. The two switches to the rear of the housing are for illumination of the two scales. Presently the motor is set up for 220v line input. There must be step-down transformers for each of the illuminators for the scales, since they appear to be standard type microscope tungsten lamps (8v).

Condition of the table is stunning � there are no milling marks or gouges on any of the surfaces. Cosmetically, there are some minor chips in the paint on a few corners, and some very light etching in a couple of places on the table surface. For the most part, the table finish is factory-new, including the taper. Table includes the three eyebolts for lifting. Dimensions and weight represent palleted item.
***MPN 600mm
***OEM Leitz
***SKU*** DP466