Leitz 569 117 Plan 80x / 0.75 D Metallurgical Objective


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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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Cosmetic Condition 4 - Excellent
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OEM Name Leitz
OEM SKU 569 117

This is a very nice Leitz objective designed for use with their bright-field / darkfield illuminators that accept 30mm diameter threaded lenses. These illuminators included the MM-5 and MM-6 metallographs (the MM-5 requires special change rings for the 30mm thread); and the darkfield illuminators that fit the Ortholux I (Metallux I), Ortholux 2 (Metallux 2), and Orthoplan (Metalloplan) microscopes. The Ortholux II illuminators will also fit the Diavert (Epivert) microscopes. These objectives will not work with later style Modulopak illuminators � the thread is incompatible and the design of the darkfield annular illumination path differs.

Magnification � 80x
Numerical aperture � 0.75
Objective thread � 30mm
Infinity corrected
Must be used without coverslip
Working distance � 0.18mm

This lens is a member of the �high-end� series of 30mm thread objectives, being corrected for flatness of field across a 28mm field-of-view index. It can be used with the super-wide field of view oculars. Magnification is 80x, which makes this the highest power in the Plan series (the others included 16x and 32x). These magnifications were selected by Leitz to provide part of the ASTM standard series when used with the �wide-field� versions of the vertical illuminators (0.8x tube lenses) and GW 8x oculars. That combination yields the 500x magnification with this particular objective. Numerical aperture is 0.75.

These are infinity corrected optics and must be used without a cover glass. The objective is not spring-loaded, so great care should be exercised when using the lens. Working distance is a mere 0.18mm! This particular lens is in fantastic cosmetic and optical condition. Concave front element is flawless. Leitz catalog number for this lens is 569 117.

***MPN 569 117
***OEM Leitz
***SKU*** 30169

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