Klinger / Micro-Controle Type PO46 Prism Table


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Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in
Location MB 87
Tested Sold AS IS. As Described
Cosmetic Condition 4 - Excellent
Product Condition Used
Container Box
OEM Name Klinger Scientific

This item is a very nice compact prism tilting table manufactured by Klinger / Micro Controle. The model number is PO46. There are two fine-thread adjustment screws for pitch in both the X and Y direction, and a third fine-thread adjustment screw for rotation of the table through a small angle. The table has the lock option � once the proper plane and orientation has been established, a single screw locks the pitch adjustment, and another screw locks the theta adjustment.

This is the intermediate size support in the �PO� series of prism tables. Measurements include:

Table diameter � 44mm
Table height � 39mm
Range � plus or minus 2.5 degrees pitch and theta
Load capacity � 5 Kg
Height from base to pivot center � 30mm
Base diameter � 46mm

There are four equally spaced M3 tapped holes on the top plate 19mm from center for clamping attachments. There is a groove about the base for attachment to other stages via the BR bridles.

The table is in excellent condition. There are a couple of minor dings in the corner of the base plate, but they do not interfere with flush mounting of the base. As mentioned earlier, the table does not include any clamping attachments.

***MPN PO46
***OEM Klinger Scientific
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