Dilas Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser System 4000W DFS10-4000


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This is a Dilas Fiber Coupled Laser System 4000W DFS10-4000.
Fiber Coupled Diode Laser System 4000W output..


The basic structure of the system consists of a laser-head, beam focusing module, high-power fiber, power
supply and chiller. The laser-head is powered by water-cooled stacks which collectively can emit up to
4800W of optical power (pre-fiber) at a wavelength of 9xx nm +/-3nm. The water-cooled diode laser
stacks have proven field operation lifetimes in excess of 20,000 hours making the entire system an
industrial grade product offering. We use incoherent beam combining techniques of spatial interleaving
and polarization beam combining to achieve the beam quality need to couple into the 1mm, 0.20NA fiber.
In addition, our beam focusing module further shapes the beam exiting the laser-head and focuses the
raw optical power in a spot-size and NA needed for the 1mm fiber.

“Commercial laser-head from Rofin-Sinar which comprises of a total of 8 stacks, with 12 bars per stack for a total of 96 bars operating @ 50W/bar
or a total optical output power of 4800W @ 9xxnm +/-3nm wavelength. Each stack is collimated in both fast and slow axis with FAC and SAC lenses.
The head consists of two sections. Each section has 4 stacks. 2 stacks are spatially interleaved with proprietary Rofin-Sinar technology then polarization beam
combined with the other two stacks to deliver a beam with 4 stacks combined. The same beam combination occurs in the other section. The two exit
beams (4 stacks x 2) are finally optically combined before exiting the laser-head” Utilizing water cooled stacks.
Low hours use, very nice condition, 9XX nm wavelength. The water-cooled diode laser stacks have proven field operation lifetimes in excess of 20,000 hours.

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