Custom Pellicle Neutral Density Filter, 2 Inch


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SKU 30194
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 4 in
Location MB 19
Cosmetic Condition 2 - Fair
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This is an unusual neutral density filter on a wafer-thin glass substrate. The optical density is marked on the surface of the filter (0.96) in blue ink. I have not attempted to remove the marking. The filter is very uniform in density (the gradation visible in the photo is an artifact of the lighting). There are a few fine scratches in the coating near the edge with the marking. There is also a fine scratch in the glass on the side opposite the coating (see second photo). It extends most of the way across the filter.

Diameter � 2.000 inches
Thickness � 0.029 inches (0.75mm)
Optical Density � 0.96

***SKU*** 30194

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