Anamorphic Laser Beam Prism Pair, ~3.5x


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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
Location MB 65
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OEM Name Special Optics
OEM SKU 18-20xx-series

This device is used to selectively amplify an image (or beam) in one direction while leaving the orthogonal direction unchanged. A typical application is that of laser diodes in which the output beam cross-section is elliptical instead of circular. By suitable arrangement of a pair of triangular prism wedges, various anamorphic magnification ratios can be established.

One consequence of this modulation is that the output beam, while parallel to the input beam, is offset relative to the input beam in the direction of the modulation. Special Optics have housed these prism pairs in sturdy black anodized aluminum cells. The input and output faces are threaded with the proper amount of offset relative to each other.

� Anamorphic magnification – ~3.5x
� Beam offset – ~5mm
� Antireflection coating at 820nm
� Part number – Unknown (probably 18-20??)
� Thread inside diameter – 1.08 inches
� Base dimensions – 2.25 inches wide, 2.10 inches long
� Centerline height, including base – approximately 1 inch

Beam profiler/reprofiler

These prisms housings do show very light signs of previous use, but the glass appears to be without flaws.

***MPN 18-20xx-series
***OEM Special Optics
***SKU*** 21473

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