Aerotech AOM-110-3 Optical Mount 3 Inch


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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Location MB 59
Tested Untested
Cosmetic Condition 4 - Excellent
Product Condition Used
Container Box
OEM Name Aerotech
OEM SKU AOM 110-3 AOM110-3

Aerotech AOM-110-3 Optical Mount 3 Inch

This Aerotech two-axis manual high-resolution gimbal mount may be operated in any orientation. Mounts are ball-bearing pivoted, and completely free of backlash. The mounts have excellent thermal stability, and are relatively light. Azimuth and Elevation adjustments are independent and orthogonal. The mirror is secured by a threaded locking ring.

Angular resolution of the control knob is 0.11 arc seconds per 0.5 degrees of rotation. Thimble is graduated into 32 parts, each representing 2.5 arc seconds
Full range of motion is plus/minus five degrees in each plane
Maximum component diameter is 3�
Maximum recommended weight is 1.3 pounds
Overall width of the base is 5�
Depth of the base is 2.00�
Nominal clear aperture at zero degrees is 2.75�
Optic axis height is 2.44�
Maximum component thickness is 0.58�.

These mounts are all in very fine condition and fully functional. They may have very minor cosmetic issues such as tiny scratches in the finish, or minor fading of anodized parts. Part number is AOM 110-3.

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